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Journals and technical papers Journals are highly academic and perfect if you need to understand the risk management and derivatives industry on a forensic level. The Journals are particularly popular with quants, analysts and academics.

We produce a total of 9 Journals which cover a wide range of subjects. These include computational finance, credit risk, energy markets, financial market infrastructures, financial risk management, investment strategies, network theory in finance, operational risk and risk model validation.

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“ provides comprehensive and technically expert coverage of the credit and derivatives market. It features the key players and issues and is always the first to spot trends.”

President and COO, Algorithmics


“ has led the way in accurately reporting on our industry, and in doing so greatly added to the professionalism and the level of transparent discussion in the market.”

Managing Director, ICAP Energy


What will I get with my trial?

That depends on which option you take. A Business trial will give you access to all our news articles and analysis features, plus a total of 8 apps from the family and a print magazine on your area of expertise.

If you work in a technical function, we would recommend that you take our other option of a sample of one of our Journals.

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You’ll be sent an email with an activation link as soon as you have completed the trial registration form. This link is valid for 48 hours – as soon as you click on it you’ll be able to access the content you’ve signed up for.

Am I eligible for a trial?

In the vast majority of cases you will have no problem registering for a trial.

However, if you have previously taken a trial then we do not provide multiple trials. Similarly, in return for trial access to our content, we require a legitimate work email address rather than ‘free’ email accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail etc. We also reserve the right to block access both at the start, or throughout the trial period if we deem it necessary.

Am I obliged to subscribe once my trial has ended?

Not at all – there’s no obligation to subscribe once your trial has ended. However, you’ll no longer be able to read our content unless you do, and you won’t be able to take another free trial.